Presidio Sucat

Vista Lakefront unveils Presidio… modern secluded living at the most prestigious urban oasis in Metro Manila. Now, ready for move in! Master-planned in approach, multi faceted in scope, intuitively inspired… There’s no outside traffic that will bewilder your morning waking hours. Presidio at the Vista Lakefront is as exclusive as it can get. Modern lifestyle that is unequaled. Yet, its accessibility is its most attractive feature. Here, a quick escape, nature views, lifestyle amenities, shopping havens, and urban access can, all at once, be at your fingertips.

Presidio, a rising city of sixteen condominiums of varying heights, is situated within walking distance to the shoreline of Laguna de Bay. The Laguna de Bay is now an environmentally protected site. This enviable 6.8 hectare location offers buyers the best of all worlds. Practical high-rise living, and the joy of living with scenic views and fresh air.

“Upscale amenities at Presidio offer a restorative environment where residents can relax, mingle, power-up. . . or simply let the worries of the day slip away.

Vista Lakefront represents the unprecedented vision for the 60-hectare, ultra modern 15-year multi-community development in Sucat, with sweeping vistas of Laguna Lake and Sierra Mountains. Vista Lakefront has all the centers of a thriving, multi-community development.

Unit Type Area Ranges (sq.m.) Price Ranges (Peso)
Picasso 2 Bedroom 74.59 sqm Php5.5M
Rembrandt 3 Bedroom 97 sqm Php7.4M
Michael Angelo Studio 26 sqm Php1.9M
Michael Angelo 1 Bedroom Loft/ Garden Unit 61.63 sqm Php5.3M
Michael Angelo 2 Bedroom/ Flat 64 sqm Php5.2M
Monet 1 Bedroom/ Garden 37.36 sqm Php2.6M
Monet 2 Bedroom 74.79 sqm Php6M
Monet 1 Bedroom/ Garden 52.17 sqm Php4M
Renoir 1 Bedroom 30 sqm Php2.2M
Renoir 1 Bedroom/ Balcony 35 sqm Php2.5M
Renoir 2 Bedroom/ Balcony 51 sqm Php4M

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