Pearl 80 Model House

2 Storey single detached unit with three bedrooms.

Floor Area: 80sqm
Lot Area: 123 sqm



  • Framing: Concrete Framing with isolated footing
  • Slab on Fill: Concrete Slab on Fill
  • Suspended Slab: Steel Deck System on concrete and beam girders


  • Exterior: Ordinary 6″ CHB with maximum compressive strength of 400 psi
  • T&B: Ordinary 4″ CHB with maximum compressive strength of 400 psi
  • T&B Wall Finish: Ceramic Wall Tiles
  • Interior Partition: fiber cement board on light metal framing system


  • Ground FLR: Ceramic Tiles
  • T&B: Ceramic Tiles
  • 2nd Floor: Vynil Tiles
  • Porch: plain cement finish
  • Lanai: plain cement finish


  • Main: Solid Wood Panel Door
  • Service: Flush Hallow Core Type
  • T&B: PVC Doors and jamb
  • Bedroom: Flush Hallow Core Type


  • Frame: Steel Casement type
  • Panel: Clear Glass Panel


  • Frame: Steel Framing System
  • Roofing: Pre-painted Concrete Roof Tiles

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